Monday, March 14, 2011

can i beat the cybor terrorist, that's the ?

Stella Sidbee Richie FRIENDS I URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP. I AM BEING RUTHLESSLY HARASSED BY THIS PERSON. WHAT CAN I DO? THIS IS HORRIBLE :( LOOK AT THE COMMENT SECTION:!/photo.php?fbid=198102870208660&set=a.198098993542381.52226.100000268460497&theater

  • George Rodart I reported it as abuse to FB. All your other real friends should do the same. The more the better.

    about an hour ago ·
  • George Rodart BTW, I don't think ignoring it is the right answer.

    about an hour ago ·

    One thing you can do is change your security settings.
    - Go to "Account" (upper right of window.
    - Choose "Privacy Settings" from the popup menu.
    - At the bottom of the section "Sharing on F...acebook" click on "Customize settings"
    - In the section "Things other's share"
    - For "Can comment on posts" change the setting to "Friends Only"This will make it so only people from your friends list can comment on your posts.
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  • Stella Sidbee Richie thank you George and i really hope so. it blows my mind how ANYONE could sink so low...Chrystallee, i forgot to mention that this guy is impersonating me and creating dozens of fake accounts using my pictures to try make me look bad and cra...zy. you see even if i change my name and make myself invisible in search, he added many of my friends and is able to get to me through them, that sneaky fucker..
  • Crystallee Howard Have you made sure to uncheck what your friends can share about you too? Is this the same person who sent you like 118 messages in one day? I remember you posting saying you couldn't respond to anyone through inbox because someone had continuously sent messages to you.
  • Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb ‎@George good morning, honey! the "cyber terrorist" has 100-s of accounts, i have to close my page, that's the only way, 2 bad, people who are not in my list browse the albums etc.

    • Stella Sidbee Richie
      George Rodart @Ellen, and everyone else. Report this identity to Facebook. Ellen's friends can go to the linked page with the multiple comments

      - click on the hidden X to right of an offending comment.
      - flag it as abuse.
      There is no reason Ellen should ...have to put up with this either

      George Rodart BTW, changing your privacy settings so only friends can comment on your page does not keep people from following what you are up to. It just prevents them from commenting. If a non-friend wants to comment, then they can friend you. I recently adopted this setting to avoid political spam.

      yep! same crazy effer and i'm being trolled to the CORE here, me and him used to be friends and he was in my friends list here, now i know to choose my friends wisely. when i noticed that he started adding a whole slew of my fb friends, i my friends list but it was too late, he already added 50+ friends of mine and gained their trust. my page could be a locked vault within a locked vault within a locked vault and he'll STILL be able to get through to me through my friends, mainly through pics they tagged of me or i tagged them in, i can't even comment on my friends' stasuses or posts anymore. pardon the following british expression but FUCK FUCKETTY FUCK
    • Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb ‎@Geaorge! thanks, great info, i didn't know there is such a detailed feature about commenting. I have to see it to believe it! xoxox
              Raphael Benedict Big time asshole! Hope you eventually rid yourself of him!

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