Monday, March 14, 2011

the cyber terrorist is real popular on tweeter... it's a man's world

 Tweets mentioning @s1dbee

@s1dbee cyber terrorist ? wh
@s1dbee… what the fuck
@s1dbee cyber terrorist ? why  
t@s1dbee… wtf   
@s1dbee wtf  
@s1dbee… wtf/ 
@s1dbee Ellen?

@s1dbee tell me… wtf    

@s1dbee send me link please
@s1dbee )))  
@s1dbee )  
@s1dbee )) please remove b.
@s1dbee please remove b. please remove b
@s1dbee please remove b. 
@s1dbee f 
@s1dbee ))) 
@s1dbee help with kitty 
@s1dbee /) 
@s1dbee )    

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