Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Developing of image

                                                                                       Photos of You in
                                                                                       Profile Pictures
                                                                                       By Furossan Nipon  

Dee Shapiro, Rick McDermott, Todd Rubin Art and 12 others like it coca aka sonik aka koshka aka kitty aka sidbee etc love it )))) fingers   thank you my friends :) but my hands are NOT small, they are ginormous!!
  •    kitty i know ))) i did see )))) but they are beautiful ))) i swear 
  •    miniature hands! end of story.
  •    Todd Rubin Art Great photo, would make a great painting...
  •   Catherine Shores A handful of adornment, the ritual.
  •    Nelda Darlene Moskatow work it girlfriend work it :-)

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