Tuesday, March 15, 2011

facebook loves cyber terrorist =D

27th Feb
:iconelenadudina:Stella Sidbee Richie Does anyone have any idea why I'm still able to receive messages and notifications and friend requests from someone I BLOCKED? I blocked this person yesterday morning, this is the first time someone I blocked is able to contact me! FB, ya dun goofed big time; I HATE the changes with photo albums and everything about FB now...to leave or not to leave....
:iconfiery-fire: Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb to leave to leave to leave !
Michael Keller No no no
 Peter Weaver Silly girl... WHERE WOULD YOU GO?
:iconknarkficka: Ryan Keller beach time, dah!

:iconelenadudina:Stella Sidbee Richie hahahaha so many mixed answers, i better start tallying them up!
peter...hmm i was thinking to Pervs N Peds United (AKA MySpace). hahahahahhaa!!

 Michael Keller Well, if you prefer that company to ours...;-)
:iconelenadudina:Stella Sidbee Richie hahahahahaha Mikey no I sure as hell don't and everyone who knows me knows i'm not going any damn where, any words about leaving fb from anyone have no substance whatsoever! LOLOL!! many of my friends are also on MyPervs so if fb ever vanished into thin air that's probably where we'd all end up! hahahahahahaha
:iconcalaymo:Helene Forbes block it again, it could have more than one fb page, Stella
:iconcalaymo:Helene Forbes I mean "it" :)
 Peter Weaver Such a popular girl, wouldn't it be funny if all your fb friends were all the same person pretending to be other people???
 George Rodart Stella, I had this happen once. FB keeps copies of everything on their servers in order to deal with hacker attacks on FB itself. So what you are seeing could be old information from the backup copy and will disappear in a day or so. IF you cannot see this person through a search then they are in fact blocked.
:iconelenadudina:Stella Sidbee Richie peter, you have quite the imagination! LOL!?!?! popular? ehh i don't think so :) so i guess many of the people i met from fb in real life are really T-1000 shifting into different bodies! uh oh i'm SO toast here, hahahahahaha
:iconelenadudina: helene, it's the same person, same number of mutual friends and his picture is missing and page is inaccessible like when you block someone. but i got another friend request from him and messages, this really beats the hell outta me!
:iconelenadudina:george: maybe! it's been 2 days though, if i keep getting contacted by him i'll try to unblock then block again. no i can't see him in the search meaning he is blocked but um not all the way? LOL! thanks for your help hon :)

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