Tuesday, March 15, 2011

how 2 cure toothache 4 idiots

Stella Sidbee Richie has a massive toothache and painkillers helped but not by much, can't move my jaw, stiff and painful, feel too fatigued by pills to go anywhere and today i'm supposed to be at some awesome parties!! so frustrating, gosh :( :( :(

:iconer-reanimator:Stella Sidbee Richie i can't frown enough times Peter :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
:iconkatanimate: Stella Sidbee Richie it's like why TODAY??? am i supposed to get hit by a car or something so god kept me at home with a toothache? that BETTER be IT dammit!!
:iconwtfboomplz:Stella Sidbee Richie but i do hope you have an awesome time! have fun for me too ok!
:iconnajato: Peter Weaver Keep in mind that the party runs late until 2:00am that is a lifetime away and we will all be rooting for you to feel better and put in a fashionably late apearence.

:iconuwantsomeofthisplz::icongirdanceplz::icondancinggirplz::iconlagirplz::iconnaked-girplz::icondibsnapsnapplz: Stella Sidbee Richie hahahaha! aww i dunno, never say never right! if i feel my strength come back, i will absolutely try to be a late diva :D

 Dan Aneiros Stella Depending on what type of pain killers you have you have 2 ways to temporary help with the pain.. you can crush the painkiller up and rub on tooth. or take a shot of whiskey and rinse out. but do not drink at all because if you drink then the numbing effect will not work or run to store and see if they may have some type of gel that works on tooth pain.. good luck.. FYI if you go out and use any of the methods don't wait till the pain starts hurting to use get ahead of the pain curve use every 30-40 Min's

:iconingwellritter: Dan, thank you, will try that perhaps when the pain returns. i can't use any gel on my tooth because the thought of it makes me queasy, lol. god knows i hate pills and only take them when the pain is at its most unbearable point, which is w...hat it became and i have a pretty high pain threshold...
Regis, yikes sorry to hear that! thank you, i guess we are pain twins or something, lol. but ughh anything but the dentist's chair :(

:iconeraili:Roman Aaron get well ASAP to eat all the godiva candies!



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