Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

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Julie Dunker Pattee ha! ha! ha!
David Enblom me neither
Dawn Hunter I don't know either.
 On this day, God wants you to know ... that doubt is the rust of life. Doubt holds you landlocked in paralysis unable to move either way. The time you spent doubting is the time you are not alive. So, rid yourself of the doubt, take that step one way or another, your heart knows what is best, but take it right now.
 John Roselli People who have no doubt are frightening.
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:icondusteramaranth:Stella Sidbee Richie perhaps! but which is better, to be frightened or frightening? ;)
 John Roselli That's not the choice. Fascists and fundamentalists have no doubts that they're willing to own up to. We're all frightened and doubtful; those who refuse to embrace it often try to shove their idea of god down other peoples' throats and are willing to resort to violence; those who can, can use it to be creative and loving.
:icondusteramaranth:Stella Sidbee Richie lol not sure i know where you're coming from with this but i'm actually not much of a believer in god and simply like some of the wisdom this app shares for being more positive, didn't mean to offend anyone here and sorry if i did :)
:icondusteramaranth:Stella Sidbee Richie also when i asked that question i meant it in an emotional way, like i'd rather be fearless and unstoppable and go after my dreams the best way i can instead of letting people hold me back or keep me down and not be scared that i won't be accepted or will be criticized and stuff. well to each his own i guess! :)
 Svetlana Konfetka HA! Yes its sooooo true hon. Very big problem to me! Ehhhhh *sigh*
 John Roselli No offense taken! I just think we need fewer 'positive' people who have no self-doubt or insight. If you have the opposite disease, please join the rest of us drinking bourbon and grumbling in dark bars late at night.
:icondusteramaranth: i would but those places scare the crap out of me, hahaha cheers!

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