Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me at End of Era Damien Hirst Gagosian gallery, 2010

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    • Tom Burr Jagger Jagged landscape?
    •  I like the intensity of eye contact :) between two men :)
    • Christopher Lee Jagger.."I'm really rich.." Gagosian.."Me too..for now.."
    • Mario Ambrosius ha ha, Christopher ... touché!
    • Jagger "like my bimbos? for 12-pack of bud
      Gaggosian"6-pack" Jagger. "it's a deal"
    • Gagosian -- Man-U in yer face....
      Jagger -- Kiss my Arse-nal....
    • Julie Harvey That's my close friend Michael...
    • Julie Harvey  with Gagosian & Jagger's nose! That's my close friend Michael...
    • Julie Harveywith Gagosian & Jagger's nose!
    • My dear friend Michael Jascz! He's a wonderful guy!
    • Ann Waltzer the sex guru? nice guy!
    • I didn't know Michael got around so much!
    • doing some personal training perhaps?
    • Julie Harvey  I'll suggest to Michael that he should do
    • some subtle coaching to Gagosian & Jagger at the next opening.
    • the plot thickens
    •  Well, a friend of mine dated Larry...
    • Julie Harvey  she didn't have much to say about that!
    •  By the way, it's late, Im going to sleep!
    • Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb jagger, born July 26, 1943
    • Did Michael ever contact you? His curiosity is aroused!
    • Michael Jascz  Thanks for eh invite Ellen YKG.
    • Michael Jascz Jagger or the Janitor.
    • Michael Jascz Everyone has a dfferent story.
    • Michael Jascz no relationship left behind, even the rich and famous.
    • Michael Jascz Maybe especailly the R & F. Julie, I apprecaite
    • Michael Jascz our long and lively friendship.
    •   Michael. By the way, I sort of like "Sex Guru" better!
    •  i think just making a painting of the negative 
    • Noah Becker  space created by their faces would be good.
    • Noah BeckerOr somehow inserting the hugging lion video between them? lol
    • Paul Jaisini ‎"sex guru" and the hugging lions
    • Ben Kirkland top pic of your mamarazzi career ))))

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