Monday, March 14, 2011

my ongoing problem with a real cybor terrorist

 cybor terrorist

 Stella Sidbee Richie FRIENDS I URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP. I AM BEING RUTHLESSLY HARASSED BY THIS PERSON. WHAT CAN I DO? THIS IS HORRIBLE :( LOOK AT THE COMMENT SECTION:!/photo.php?fbid=198102870208660&set=a.198098993542381.52226.100000268460497&theater
 Luke D. Yocum Whats up with dat?
 Stella Sidbee Richie this person has been terrorizing me under many different fake accounts. please report him f you can!
 Luke D. Yocum got it!
 Svetlana Konfetka I report him sweetie. Don't let him get to you. He's trying to get your attention that's all he wants. Don't give it to him no matter what!
 Helene Forbes your accounts have been hacked - change passwords constantly. This one looks like he hacked your blog
 thank you guys ♥ Helene sweetpea he is impersonating me under various accounts he himself creates, he's trying to make me look bad, not that i care, but he also makes me look crazy and that sucks. it started as a nice friendship and ended in... nonstop harrasment. fucking internet psychos!!·
 Dan Aneiros Name & address
 Stella Sidbee Richie hahahahahahaha Dan if I only knew!! LOL!! I do know it's all the way in russia so...doggone it! hahaha
 Roxanne P Jacobsen Tell that A Hole to leave you alone cause You got Real Frineds Here and I got Your Back!
 Crystallee Howard You could always report her for having two accounts and get her off of Facebook. Also report both accounts for harassment. You could block her / change your name / make it so people can't search for you.
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb the sociopath could do it b/c my page is opened. I am not going to close it, just wait and it'll stop since nobody cares about this type of behavior here. Has 100-s of accounts, the "true cyber terrorist" hahahaha!!! good material for a sho...rt story. ignore and report.

 Sylvie Maddison hey sweetie...hope all good :)...just wanted to inform you after the other day incident about an account by Stella Palm...just got another friend request from someone called Stella Palm Stella with the same pic :( I have sent you a message on your in box...please just keep me informed...luv ya XOXOXO

 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb i get the requests every day, block the user then comes another request. Just blocking as they come.
 Sylvie Maddison ok will do Ellen...thank you :)
 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb good luck Sylvie :)
 Sylvie Maddison thanks :)
March 14, 2011

 Sylvie Maddison Sweetie i received a friend request with the similar pic of yours but its says gender it another account of yours or u dont know anything about it...just curious!!!
 Frederic Deveneta i know who he is, and you know too stella è_é my worse ennemy, i told you to deleted him 100000000 time ;)
 Frederic Deveneta Never trust in appearances, or in words, but in acts
 Stella Sidbee Richie frederic honey i did block him a few days ago and i blocked him many times before that. you were right about him! you are the best :)
 Frederic Deveneta i'm your star, i have to protect you, it's my job ;)
 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb he done goofed, cyber slowly but surely drive certain people go nuts.

  Sylvie Maddison stella sweetie i will do the same coz i got another request from Stella Palm and also stella palm stella...
Sylvie Maddison all done :)xox

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