Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DM from GOD

uh-yup! someone must disconnect my internet asap!! hahahha

Alicia said: ''Stella darling, you will take an imaginative and intuitive approach to study and mental interests although there will be moments when you will be easily distracted.''
Stella Sidbee Richie i replaced the words God with Life in my mind and it becomes one of the truest things for me because when i'm in pain like a splitting toothache, i realize how meaningless or trivial so many things become that were serious or big to me before. pain is a real eye-opener that all the little things you worry about evaporate into thin air when pain takes over and the big important things start to really matter.
  On this day, God wants you to know
... that your pains are God's way to rouse you from slumber. Pain is your wake-up call to awaken, to look deeper into yourself, to adjust the course of your life. God tries to be as gentle as possible, and only if you ignore the call does the pain get stronger.
  Earl A. Marson Please don't replace God Stella!

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb love༄◦°˚°◦.¸¸.◦°˚ˆ*♡∗¸¸.◦ Sending waves of love & light to Y♡U! ✰◦.¸¸ღ.◦°˚*◦.¸¸.◦☼°˚ˆ*⋄
good one
 On this day, God wants you to know
... that doubt is the rust of life. Doubt holds you landlocked in paralysis unable to move either way. The time you spent doubting is the time you are not alive. So, rid yourself of the doubt, take that step one way or another, your heart knows what is best, but take it right now.
 John Roselli People who have no doubt are frightening.
Stella Sidbee Richie perhaps! but which is better, to be frightened or frightening? ;)

John Roselli That's not the choice. Fascists and fundamentalists have no doubts that they're willing to own up to. We're all frightened and doubtful; those who refuse to embrace it often try to shove their idea of god down other peoples' throats and are willing to resort to violence; those who can, can use it to be creative and loving.
Stella Sidbee Richie lol not sure i know where you're coming from with this but i'm actually not much of a believer in god and simply like some of the wisdom this app shares for being more positive, didn't mean to offend anyone here and sorry if i did :)
Stella Sidbee Richie also when i asked that question i meant it in an emotional way, like i'd rather be fearless and unstoppable and go after my dreams the best way i can instead of letting people hold me back or keep me down and not be scared that i won't be accepted or will be criticized and stuff. well to each his own i guess! :)
Svetlana Konfetka HA! Yes its sooooo true hon. Very big problem to me! Ehhhhh *sigh*
John Roselli No offense taken! I just think we need fewer 'positive' people who have no self-doubt or insight. If you have the opposite disease, please join the rest of us drinking bourbon and grumbling in dark bars late at night.
Stella Sidbee Richie i would but those places scare the crap out of me, hahaha cheers!
great idea!
 Stella called Anita to know her Leo horoscope
Anita said: ''Stella darling, pick up a book or newspaper today - look closely - you could find something interesting that will give you quite a few good ideas for a project. Discuss a topic with someone, you could be surprised at what information you can get for your new business plan.''
that's exactly how i've been feeling lately. free online non-human psychics rock! hahahaha!!

Cristina said: ''Stella honey, your aims and ambitions will be stronger than ever before - for you really want to achieve something in this life. Well, now's the time to start - for sheer determination and hard work will put you where you want to be. Honor and prestige await you.''

Sidbee wonders if having a nightmare about a close friend being a killer has any validity, LOL! hmmmm

 Michael Gregory Crap, you caught me, lol
 tsk tsk mikey,hahahaha! do you also skin the bodies to make your own clothing line like in the dream?? :D
  Dm Simons If this is your dream, perhaps, the close friend is a part of you that you dislike, which is buried within you, as if their is a part of yourself you would like to change. However it is an arduous task to change something about ones self, takes a combination of emotional and psychological exercises. The easy answer is to kill off that part of yourself.
Many years ago I would have the same dream over and over again: the police come to my door looking for a dead body, which I know to be buried under a tree in the yard I become anxious that I will be found out for the murder, and the body to be discovered. I had this dream over a five year period. I finally realized that the dream was my guilt about the death of my father, which happened when I was four-year-old. I thought I caused his death. After this epiphany, I never had that dream again.

 interesting Dm! i always was fascinated with the study of dreams and dreams themselves, i memorized a phrase from twin peaks that fascinated me about dreams: acetylcholine neurons fire high, voltage impulses into the forebrain. the impulses... become pictures, the pictures become your dream. but no one knows why we choose these particular pictures. but i'm pretty sure like you said it's the things that bother us either in the back of our mind or on the surface that we dream about most of the time. like if i'm excessively worried about something right before i fall asleep, 90% of the time i'll dream about it. i never knew before reading dream explanations that all those dreams about flying or being naked in public were so common and simple in explanation! hahaha but i shouldn't have watched so many horror movies in my childhood, i will probably never ever get rid of my frequent nightmares
 mikey that wasn't really in my dream, i got that from silence of the lambs, hahahaha, i wish it was tho!
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb dreams can be foretelling... when my twitter account was closed I had the dream of reading email and this exactly how it happened.
Nownewandimproved Barbara Slitkin Stella, Killer could be a happy term, like "she has killer boots." In the dream were you happy? What was the feeling? (If you can share more info I might be able to find you some clues.) More often then not, friends represent parts of us... in dreams. Are you killing off something in your life? Are you aware of doing something that is unwise, or unhealthy? The subconscious might be giving a warning.
 ellen - oh man!! that'll be the day when my dreams can predict the future, especially an earthquake! that's incredible!!! barbara - yes i love using that word in the manner you described! hahaha, no i was very scared for my life and was away from him as he had murdered a couple girls on my building floor i didn't recognize and i sensed that i was next. in the dream he had moved in with me and my dad (in reality he lived for 10 days at my place last summer and would've lived with me longer if i hadn't kicked him out because he made me feel too inferior). maybe this is TMI, but i can't help wonder why i would dream this?!?! that me and him got intimate and were supposed to go all the way and he caressed and cuddled me a lot but left me feeling extremely unsatisfied sexually, what a horrible feeling, LOL!!! he didn't kill me in the dream, but wanted to and i was smashing windows of police cars looking for a gun to defend myself. barbara the dream was so long and REAL that i remember much of it clearly which is very rare for me when it comes to a dream that's not a gory flesh-eating nightmare! ·
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb inner voice never lies, dream like this is the inner voice.
Stella Sidbee Richie true regis, and others are constantly causing our lives to be snuffed out as well. it's good to be selfless to a degree, but don't let others take advantage of it or you'll end up praying for an apocalypse to wipe out humankind like i did after i got in touch with human nature at its worst.
Stella Sidbee Richieplease don't tell me it's about the tramp! hahahaha

Cristina said:  ''Stella dear, an unexpected change of plans will leave you at odds about what you should do. Taking on a challenge or pushing someone who isn't likely to back down could end in disaster. Keep things simple, quiet and peaceful.''
yap!! more people should be happy they were born, not wish they were never born. even in my darkest moments i never forget how lucky i am to have been given the gift of LIFE, which must be a most precious gift if everyone, all living creatures, fight so hard to hold onto it! :)

On this day, God wants you to know  ... that you deserve happiness just because. There is nothing you need to do to deserve happiness. There are no 'minimal requirements' for you to fulfill before you can claim happiness. You deserve happiness simply by virtue of having been born. That's it. Nothing more is required. Be happy.
what is behind a person's unhealthy obsession with another person, why does that happen? i know love could make people do crazy things but when someone doesn't love you back, you can't MAKE them love you, no matter what, all you can do is move on, not become a crazed psycho spying on another's every move and terrorizing them. maybe it's part of some kind of mental disorder...

Anya Gallaccio Not neccessarily ,my girl. It is behavior of predators that prey on weak ,helpless ones. Been there, when they see you can fall under their pressure they feel power to do anything if they see you take it. Yes it's psycological I beleive of very damaged person.
Gary Tatintsian i lоvе yоu ноnеy
Gary Tatintsian I will kill him

this is done by ONE person in a matter of hours and blocking him doesn't help, makes new accounts, he has no shame, has a most unhealthy obsession with me. it's the reason i'm unable to reply to people's msgs for many days and why my inbox crashes from being flooded causing people's msgs disappear, i can't get myself to deal with this today, ughhh :(
Rosi Guastella Stella, baby, this is bad...get rid of him and do as Manca suggested.
Stella Sidbee Richie manca, he used to be a friend before he turned into trouble, now it's turned into an ugly obsession on his part. he's lucky i'm not giving out his name, maybe i should tho, lol
Rosi Guastella I think I know...
Claudia Drake That is abusive behavior, and by letting the abuser stay in your space you are telling him-her that it is OK with you. You have to take a stand and remove the person.
Stella Claudia you're so right, i can't believe i allowed this person to take control over me like that, i just was at a loss at how to deal with someone like that, it never happened to me before. actually i'm not gonna delete this post, i want him to read this and maybe he'll leave by himself now that his secret of being a wackjob is out!
Rosi Guastella Yes, I know, have him on my list. I've noticed the posting compulsion situation as well and let me tell you something, the more you tell him no, the more he will do it.
Rick McDermott I was wondering about that guy, Stella. Seemed awfully obsessed to the point of absurdity.
Stella Sidbee Richie Rosi thank you love the only thing that's keeping me sane in this madhouse is caring and understanding and amazing friends like you and the others. Rick, i don't understand it! maybe it's some kind of mental thing or alcohol or product of environment. makes very little sense.
Rick McDermott Infatuation gone berserk, I reckon. Well, my only suggestion is security limit to only friends for awhile, and delete, block and refriend real friends. No suspected nutcases.
Stella Sidbee Richie yes Rick that's the only way. you know i'm in a somewhat crappy mood today but i would've otherwise done this in a more humorous way, this turned out to be more dark and gruesome than i would've liked, hahahaha. oh wellz
Rick McDermott You've got this enchanting "girl next door" quality about you, Stella, and it's a shame it has attracted a boring nutcase facebook stalker.
Claudia Drake Stella... YAY on the seeing it, and wanting to change. Though I really think that 'letting him see this' and 'hoping that he'll leave on his own' is extremely passive aggressive behavior and will only serve to stir up more drama than solve ...anything. You need to remove this person pronto. !! . If you feel that he might be confused on why you are removing him you can also write him a letter of goodbye firmly explaining that you are removing him because his behavior is extremely upsetting to you, and that you can no longer accept it. It has to stop. But just expecting him to stop, or be somehow persuaded to stop by seeing this is not at all realistic. Please take some action. You'll feel better in the long run if you make this change. x
Sylvie Maddison sweetie i think i do know who you r talking about here...if you need to here and will do anything and everything to help ok...xoxoxo
Sarah Houser Hon, I have only glimpsed at the other replies, but you cannot sit back and wait on this. I saw you said you don't want to block yourself off, but at this point I think you need to. Turn off anyone, but friends. Remove him from your list and stay that way. Do not let him control your life, you are a strong woman, so show it!
Gary Tatintsian Ноnеy i lоvе yоu. Наvе smilе :-)
Effie Carmel name and shame, delet and block. life is simple.
Stella Sidbee Richie aw thanks Rick, you're sweet, and yes i'm not very lucky apparently, haha.
Claudia, thank you for taking the time to write and share your wisdom, i didn't even know it was like that, i have to change myself ASAP dammit and stop giving in. i... appreciate it :) xoxo Sylvie thank you babygirl, friends like you give me strength, it's true ♥
Sarah, yes yes i can do it and i WILL do it! this needs to stop already...thanks love
Claudia Drake NP. Thank you for being so open to talking about this. It must be difficult, but I'm very glad that you are no longer keeping it to yourself. You just need to set some boundary walls, not many but a few, and you will be a-ok. xx
Gary Tatintsian Ноnеy ? Nаmе ? I will Kill him
Gary Tatintsian NАМЕ ? РLЕАSЕ . I will brеаk his hаnds.DАМN
Effie Carmel do it today. do not postpone.
Adrienne Moumin So, so, very sorry that someone has abused this normally very sympatico online forum in such a way. They need to be outed and routed. Standing behind you on this, even if only virtually.

Nownewandimproved Barbara Slitkin Stella, Not TMI at all! That was a big clue. The dream might be warning that the 'friend" might be too much like DAd this would (KILL) emotionally- causing feelings of inferiority because HE might not be capable of sexually giving. ...The feelings in dreams are very important. It sounds RIGHT TO wish to defend yourself against feeling inferior and unlovable.
To answer your QUESTION above... YES. IT is valid. The Spirit can FEEL LIKE it can be killed, by a lover who can not meet our needs.
Ellen I agree.

Nownewandimproved Barbara Slitkin Stella, Personally, I know, there have been men in my life who were with me, but not really right for me. Not that they were not loving, they were. Some men have to develop courage, if they feel they lack it in themselves, they can not be t...he man they want to be. AWFUL when they take it out on women in ways to feel superior.
Stella Sidbee Richie ahhhh that makes perfect sense!! barbara sweetie let me know when you will be working as a dream analyst so i can hire you!! hehehe and apparently our minds have minds of their own that we should listen to! this guy is so narcissistic that ...there's no way in hell i'd ever be intimate with him because then i'll end up having one of ellen's foretelling dreams, hahaha! and hell, he'll never initiate it himself i'm 1000% sure and thank god for that! LOL yes you're right about men, i'm gonna send you a little something to your inbox now, you might find it amusing ;)
Nownewandimproved Barbara Slitkin Love this-" hehehe and apparently our minds have minds of their own that we should listen to..."
Nownewandimproved Barbara Slitkin Anytime, for dreams, signs.. for hire or not!
Stella Sidbee Richie aw thanks! and i love that you included the hehehe part, hehehehe :D

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