Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take a hike James Bond!

:icontendre-pois0n: :icontendre-pois0n: :icontendre-pois0n: :icontendre-pois0n: :icontendre-pois0n: :icontendre-pois0n: :icontendre-pois0n:Is writing her first status using speech recognition software built into her laptop. Take a hike James Bond! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

 Peter Weaver Tell it: " hehehe mwahhhhhhhhhh!! "
 Stella Sidbee Richie grrr it's not working in the comment section for some reason! i just started using it an hour ago, need lots of practice! it's pretty advanced though, i feel so cooooooool hahahaha. mwaahhhh :)

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