Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to break free of control over me

desperately needs to break free of control over me by others in my life. this is no way to live, i should be nobody's goddamn puppet, i'm my own person and have my own head on my shoulders to make my OWN decisions, that's what it's there for, i can take responsibility for my own life and no one should do it for me, i can learn from my own mistakes and still be happy.

 Roxanne P Jacobsen Just Do It that's what Nike will say!It's your life you live it the way that you want!You Go Girl!Missed You and Love Ya!

 Dm Simons Do it, Stella, do it! Life is about mistakes, learning from them every day, for me sometimes just waking up is a mistake.


i know what you mean Dm, waking up has become a mistake for me every single day lately to a reality that sucks ass for lack of a better expression! thank you all for the encouragent, the people in question want me to learn from the mistakes... of others but then you never REALLY learn anything if you didn't commit those mistakes yourself and might have never commited them in another's place and they're irrelevent to your life anyway. every person's life takes its own course and if that course was supposed to be perfect and free of mishaps we'd be of artificial intelligence.
 Dm Simons Usually, in the miasmatic fumes of everyday life, we all have similar experiences, some good, some not so good, sharing said experiences can be healthy and constructive, however sometimes one has to experience things first had to get it. Good luck. I do love autodidacts.
 Helene Forbes take calculated risks - think it through 3x not a bad way to arrive at decisions - ck the consequences as best you can and the worst scenerio - then go for it! Wishing you success!
 Paul Jaisini luck be my lady tonight. Mistakes can be grand and fatal, so do what you do best, ask that Tarot card lady, she never gave you a wrong answer.
 Peter Weaver You know Stella, if it were that simple... WE WOULD ALL RUN AWAY FROM HOME. Everything you said CAN be true, MY ADVICE➔ keep in mind - The worst thing one can do is to

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