Friday, March 11, 2011


Stella Sidbee Richie finds it sooooooooo funny that her friend count goes up and down every day like a freakin roller coaster, hahahaha!!! whateverrrr only cool people are allowed in my list anyway so the ones that go bye bye don't deserve to be there in the first place, HAHAHAHAA sensitive fools! LOLOL
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 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb the life threats could be the reason, hahahahaha!!!!!!
 Stella Sidbee Richie hahahahahahahahahahha yeah but what about before that?? LOL!!!! some people are so pathetic, it's like they monitor what every friend of theirs does or says and if they find one wrong syllable they go ahead and unfriend them without thinking twice, poor souls!! hahahahahaaaa! their loss. thanks guys! :)
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb ok, so? I try to unfriend people i never knew and will never know in real life here, so should you.
 Michael Keller OMG, now I know I'm cool, I'm still on The List!:)
 Helene Forbes btw, if someone unfriends me will I get a notice?
 Michael Keller No, you don't. You find out when they no longer appear on your friends list or list of gaming friends.
 Helene Forbes good to know - now I can do it without courage

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