Saturday, April 2, 2011

@s1dbee Jaisini Manifesto Gleitzeit

Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity Manifesto (short version)
Gleitzeit style based on depiction of visual flexibility with theoretical flexibility. A painting which purpose is to achieve composition of enclosure. Art based on the depiction of a circle evolution of understanding and seeing. A kind of art, which draws upon imagery and seeks to reveal and abstract idea of the connection within. It's flexible because it has multiple principles. Paintings with a capacity to change visually by the artistic magic changing your subconscious mind.
It is a session of Hypnosis, which controls you by a disorganized absolute harmony of everything expected from a "nonexistent" picture. It depends upon the pattern of line as a primal creator of whatever associated or disassociated from the theme. The artist's mind is the superior beginning of the line, but the line is free and emancipated.
Flexi is a new neo-pro-anti-post.
Text Copyright: Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb ALL RIGHTS RESERVED New York 2011

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