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Time Squared Jaisini
Short version of Jaisini "N-City" Photo review.
Jaisini is an artist with an inborn talent - by family tradition, a professional painter and graphic artist. He created his first photographic series called "N-City" and combined digital photography with the C-processing 35 mm camera.
The events of 9/11 in N-City were so sudden, he understood that to begin a series of paintings or any other art technique (or: media) dedicated to those events would have been a prolonged process.
To show the immediate impact of the artist's vision with an instant reflection of emotion and visual aspects, Jaisini originated his series, captivated with the intensity of photographing in N-City by the local correspondents and those from around the world. He was swept by a flow following the strong current that brought him to the beginning of his first photo series.
As a result of his endeavor, Jaisini produced artworks that were derived (or: extracted) from an idea he realized through technical and visual means. This process is more creative and complex, as we know. Jaisini's street wandering gave rise to his journalistic photography. He would take thousands of shots only to find one lucky shot from a hundred rolls. This work is automatic and, in a way, resembles gambling.
Working from an idea:
An idea is conceived from a heard phrase, a seen fragment, a read book. Inexplicably, the associative idea is created. Then, a search takes place for reflection of the idea through a prism of reality to show the unreal with the realistic means of photography. The material is searched with the experience and taste of an accomplished artist as Jaisini who has enormous know-how in painting. This means that he has no compositional limits, as opposed to a majority of photographers who suffer from having no practical knowledge of painting, composition, tone and color scale. Jaisini always searches for a concrete issue of today's question of existence in a contemporary environment. The decision of those questions connects to the artist's romanticism and hypnotic approach.
As an art critic like myself who studies the art works of Jaisini in the course of writing a book on the endeavor of this great New York artist, I can find no mistakes in his compositions. All are uniquely balanced with high taste. The technological side in the photographic series doesn't interest me much. If the professional commercial photographer can find "commercial" imperfections, then for the artistic estimation it works to the opposite of accomplishment.
The original size of the photos are larger then shown on the site. The edition of each work is limited to 8-9 prints. Each was printed with Iris Print on archival paper that is guaranteed to last 300 years under a glass cover or 200 years without glass protection. Each and every artwork was custom adjusted with the artist's proof and individually printed with pigmented ink. Thanks to brilliant new technology, the image will last at least 300 years.
The entire collection of "N-City" consists of over 100 individual works produced in the period of 2001-2003. In accord with the response, more images will be offered for the viewer's review.
The next series of photographic works is called "Black and White". 78 artworks are currently in process and are ready to be printed. I reviewed the slides and presentation of pre-print and as usual expected the unexpected from Jaisini. This time he didn't fail to surprise me either. Some works are emotionally charged, shocking and deeply memorable like tattoos in the mind.
It is never enough to see Jaisini's work just once. You find you want more and more.

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