Friday, May 20, 2011

@s1dbee #HappyDoomsday Saturday May 21st 2011

 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb we all gonna die tomorrow happy #HappyDoomsday :)))))))))))))
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William Hughes So i keep hearing ! Yeah !
:icondarkalchemistninja: Keller i don't wanna #diethisway on #HappyDoomsday i want this day to be #UnhappyDoomsday LOL!!
Mary Jo Aagerstoun Dying would be too easy as far as the doomsday folks are concerned. No. THEY will be wafted to heaven in full body. And the rest of us will be condemned to the "Tribulation"--indeterminately (presumably until we cry "uncle" and convert) If we were to die we would miss all that which is the just reward for "not believing." And no, the chosen will not be wafted up with their favorite pets.
William Evertson it up today!
Brenda Cook teeheee wait I have a lot to do can we make that the day after....
:icondarkalchemistninja:we are all gonna die :(((
Planking Shots PlankingShots Mass #HappyDoomsday #Planking
MeryBelieber46 meryanaa12 #HappyDoomsday
Marques Jenkins _SexBob0mb_ #HappyDoomsday brotha we all gonna die
together tomorrow lmaoo
paul jaisini paul_jaisini PREPARE for #HappyDoomsday tomorrow and
 :iconxxsoulmonkeyxx:aussie_anna If #happydoomsday is tomorrow I believe
 I should give planking a go!! Bahaha
MeryBelieber46 meryanaa12  hmm~ I don't know what you say
carmen santorria santorria yo, So i keep hearing ! Yeah !
MeryBelieber46meryanaa12 unhappy ? I want happy day 
Ariela Heikes bornthisdaygay  #HappyDoomsday to you
MeryBelieber46 meryanaa12 I have a long life
 Mike LeBlanc Changing my Facebook relationship
status from "there is no God" to "religious and it's complicated".
The gallery is CLOSED on Saturday 21st May.
 Mike LeBlanc
‎"I've got 99 problems and I'm not dealing with any of them." (Lay-Z)
:iconvctr-c: Keith Tomorrow's weather forecast:
Cloudy with a chance of Fire and Brimstone.
 Joanne McNulty Yeah on your birthday!
 Mike LeBlanc People will be ascending into
heaven on Saturday so make sure your car is in covered parking.
 Gary  this would be a good time for
 the great pumpkin to show up too!
:icondamnplz: Mike  Earlier today I was diagnosed
with acute insomnia but I won't lose any sleep over it.
:iconcryingplz: Todd  LOS ANGELES! Normally I’d post what I’m doing/eating. But tomorrow is ✟HE RAP✟URE (see link below). So f*ck it. If this is the last day of my Jewy-Jewy life and it’s eternal damnation, I’m NOT working out, I AM eating all the BBQ pork I can, and you can find me all day/night in the tattoo parlor on Melrose getting Borges’ complete “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” inked over my entire body. See you all in hell! ☠+☣
Jami LeBlanc Benoit Seems like it defeats the purpose to lose the element of surprise with an early warning system!!
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb that's why prophets were persecuted by church?
 Mike LeBlanc Just covering the bases.
 Gene Cloud too late mike
Sean Prendergast sokool73 #HappyDoomsday
 Erik Benson the end of the world is really going to ruin my weekend.
 Frank Webster what's good rapture wear?
 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb invisible stuff
 Edward  I'm thinking layers..
.caroline carolinespencer  #Happydoomsday
 Grace Graupe Pillard I would also have a banana split like the way they used to make them. And yes I too being a J will be in hell.
 Blair Sanderson Not so fast, Todd. We still have to stick around for the Tribulation. Lots of suffering, wailing, and gnashing of teeth for the Left Behind, so your brightening presence will be needed to cheer us up. I want to believe in breakfast! Macerated fruit with pistachios!
Lisa Aren't we in hell already? I got one of their pamphlets in the subway the other day. Along with the general song and dance, they quote the phrase "BUt of that day and that hour, knoweth no man" a number of times-that are sounds like back pedaling to me.
 Steven  Todd, two words: escort service.
:icontoestub:  Jerry Sleep with the goyum till the traif come home;
get UNcircumcised. Confess> Yea! The Rapture.
Inbox message (that hit a nerve :)))
 Retail ActionProject May 20 at 1:53pm Tomorrow:
Judgment Day AND the QCM Town Hall!
Hey folks,
We'll see you tomorrow at 3:00pm for the QCM Town Hall!
Saturday, May 21st. 3 - 5 p.m.
St. Paul the Apostle Church, 98-16 55th Ave, Corona
(M/R train to Woodhaven Blvd, the Q38 bus to 98th St.
& 57th Ave. or the Q72 bus to Junction Blvd & 55th Ave.)

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