Friday, June 17, 2011

@s1dbee Ellen Yustas k Gottlieb Editor's Pick

from a formal point of view i find this piece very strong. Heavy weapons (not even reproduced as Jeff Koons would do, just a tank) very symbolic of male potency, pure testosterone. Let say people don't hate America and look at this work objectively. Male body in movement emanates feeling of sweat, lately known to be comforting for a sad girl. That turns the symbol of power/weapon/threat turn volnurable, which is an interesting transformation. Would that runner be a girl it would be less interesting to me. The unusual to say the least piece holds. Aside politics which only spices it up. tHANKS JERRY, LOVE YOUR WORD. 
Jerry Saltz on the Ugly American at the Venice Biennale
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  • Claude Reich I like your comment.
    Chris Bowman I too like that it is a real tank, it feels more authentic. 
    Thulani Earnshaw its an interesting "comment"....i think this is predicatble behavior terms of art and Maurizzio Cattelan is the meister of this stratgy....this piece appears clumsy to the former, its also easy kill and needs to understand despotic agancy in art was played out in early 1990's .......this is a safe and expensive comment for a great place for the arts,,,,,,,,,,here is the difference... 


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