Sunday, December 18, 2011

Douglas Ward Kelley at Lola Schnabel, Love before Intimacy opening

Douglas Ward Kelley 
This was a great opening at The Hole, that is David Glacken, a tennis pro, professional photographer and all around art lover, and the exquisite paintings in the background belong to Lola Schnabel. Kathryn Karwat is talking to an artist, actor, art dealer and producer who I want to cast as the Unabomber in a one man one-hour performance explaining the current state of Luddite frustration with our high-tech society. Over my right shoulder you can see the knit cap of 87-year-old Fluxus pioneering artist, photographer, and last of the great perennially avant-garde filmmakers, Jonas Mekas.

This gallery, The Hole, is a new gallery, this is its fourth show, the proprietor used be with Deitch, which is where I know her from. There were many artworld luminaries, ambitious artists, and cultural celebrities there last night, as well as many, many friends I hadn't seen in a while so closely packed together, so I had a terrific time, what incredible fun? I must get down to the East Village more often, it's a much better crowd than you get in Chelsea these days.

Also present was the legendarily controversial author Salman Rushdie, and I don't know about you, but I consider any opening that has a person who has actually survived a personal Fatwa, with a genuine death sentence placed upon them for literary work, and has lived to attend that art opening, to support other artists in general, to be a very significant art historical event.

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