Tuesday, March 20, 2012

facebookless world (March 19/20, 2012)

it's horrid, darling.
but even facebook people die!
by Anthony Haden-Guest

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Barbara Rosenthal Don't be so sure. Not only do several of my friends whose funerals I attended this past year still have their birthdays announced in FB, invitations sent to them, and messages successfully received, but so do others (EX Saul Bellow) whose deaths were reported years ago.
Anthony Haden-Guest new phenomenon, Barbara, thanks for your interesting observation.
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb there's another side to it, when alive people can't sign into their facebook account, and the account dies so to
Anthony Haden-Guest there you have it, facebook blues
Max Fox and so goes on and on the life cycle of facebook the party goes on and we all morn tomorrow
Fabio Fernandez I love your drawings Anthony!
Anthony Haden-Guest the slogans change: "I facebook therefore..."
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb it used to be "I myspace therefore ..." do you know about timeline, Anthony?
Anthony Haden-Guest no, Ellen, what is it?
Evie Stefenson Dennis' was up for a while. Horrid to think about. Glad you're doing so well ... and, LOVE the drawing ...thx for thinking of me. xxx
Linda Chancler On Facebook, no one can hear you scream
Kitty Smith facebook people sounds cute ♥
Ryan Keller facebook doesn't see dead people, hahaha!!Cristina Vidal Artaud very much alive here sir!
Barbara Rosenthal Yes, Ellen, Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb, I'm sure that's true in some cases, such as my brother (Gil Gil Rosenthal)'s. But I made the comment because 1. FB (and Google) is connecting way too many dots about our real lives, and therefore it seems strange that it didn't know about our deaths, and 2. Some of the people are actually still posting, and 3. Some accounts seem to have been opeined in their names and with their pictures (Like Saul Bellow's) after their death.
continued.. There's always a real explanation for things. I didn't mean to imply anything supernatural about FB.
Taro Suzuki TY Anthony.
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb great point, Barbara. Still they might prefer not to know about the departure of the page owner due to the statistical value, some people i know have at least several people who died but their pages stay up.
Nikky Slaughter I shared this to my recently deceased friend, thank you!
Anne Kveta Haack my friend died this morning
Evie Stefenson ‎... and, i say Happy Birthday to my mother who's up in heaven now. there's just something about writing and sending good thoughts to the ether space. xxx, e
EYKG: very sorry for your loss, Anne! 
Peter Crowley ‎- I checked my pulse... and I'm still breathing.
Vicki Halliday Facebook seems to become sort of a living memorial to some. Afterall, unless someone has their password, it is impossible to delete the account. I know of a couple of walls where people post to their late friends - asking how things are, if the parties are good, telling them they miss them, telling them jokes and giving them sports scores. It's a Facebook otherworld.
Agnès Wyler ‎"Where is eternal spring?" Franz Kafka
Peter Crowley ‎- "spring has sprung." - ee cummings
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb I didnt quite see at first it read as if you said:
I checked my PROFILE... and still breathing, lol

Tim Dorian Imagine a Twilight Zone app where you unfriend someone and they faaaade away and then disappear with no record of ever having existed. Wait a minute...what's happenin...(poof!)
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb let's picture the facebookless world, people come out to the streets in zombie-like state searching for the last facebook terminals to update their statuses... twilight it is, Tim :)
Tim Dorian Twilight Zone ala Rod Serling not Twilight vampire saga although FB does seem to suck the very life out of you sometimes.
Peter Crowley ‎- Night Of The Living Facebook       
Cristina Vidal Artaud in Roman times it was called damnatio memoriae
AJ Herold death without it life would be meaningless - I think this is a famous quote by yosemite sam perhaps ?
Virginia Crawford Pierrepont Did you paint w brush or pour paint
Dru Arstark Anthony, We just became FB friends. Are you trying to tell me something??
Meduza Gorgona apparently facebook people never sleep, thus they might be living 2 lives instead of 1 ::::::::)
Laura Eastwood why does it say on my notifications that this is a photo of me? LOL
Anthony Haden-Guest no
Lorraine Leckie ahhh I say happy bday to dead people on facebook!
Taro Suzuki I've been untagged......I feel like I've been killed!
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb lol!!! thanks google tag is on me :)))) hahaha!!!    
Stelly Richie I have 3 dead friends in my list who were good long distance friends that I haven't removed because it doesn't feel right, but I tell ya there's nothing creepier than to see posts from them in my news feed! facebook ghosts. is this the light that all souls go to in modern times? eeekk!!
Shawn Guerra yeah i have a few dead friends alive and well on facebook
Lonny Baumholz Internet ether/ethereal?
Gazelle Paulo till to this day people still talk to Gilbert Henry Stafford on his page...one of these days I will post a message there saying that he asked me to tell everybody that he loves everyone, but please let him rest in peace...I wonder if people do send him private messages?!
Aliza Augustine Does Facebook suggest your dead friends play games with you? Creepy.
Gary Krimershmoys Instead of only birthday notifications, would death notifications be a good idea? Creepy?